Bears keep QB depth chart status quo following Mitchell Trubisky's big night

BOURBONNAIS, Ill. -- Chicago Bears head coach John Fox complimented the way starting quarterback Mike Glennon responded at Saturday’s practice following a shaky preseason debut against the Denver Broncos.

Fox said after Thursday’s exhibition opener that he wouldn’t change Chicago’s quarterback depth chart in light of Glennon’s struggles (2-for-8 for 20 yards and one interception) or rookie Mitchell Trubisky's successes (18-for-25 for 166 yards and one touchdown).

True to his word, Fox kept the quarterback rotation the same when the club returned to the Bourbonnais practice fields.

“[I think Glennon responded] real well,” Fox said. “I think he obviously has had a bad game before. If you’ve played this game, you have. So he responded well, and [I] thought the first unit looked pretty good today."

“The quarterback gets a lot of the credit, a lot of the blame, regardless of what happens," Fox added. "But our whole first unit was not very good. I don’t think we blocked very well, I thought we had some drops; we didn’t get off man coverage, which wasn’t something we were surprised about. So all in all, I think there were a lot of things that we saw on the tape, the players saw. We made those corrections, and we get the form up, work this week and get ready for Arizona.”

There’s an old saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, but Fox thinks Glennon has the mental makeup to overcome his inauspicious introduction to the fan base.

“These guys are all big boys,” Fox said. “They’re professional athletes. They get it. There are going to be days like that. It’s life. So we’ll just grab the bull by the horns and go about trying to get better.

"It was our first preseason game. Our whole first unit didn’t do well. We had an errant shotgun snap. We didn’t block real well. We didn’t ID some things like we’d expect. It’s like anywhere I’ve ever been as far as first preseason game with a lot of new guys out there. They look at the film. They’ll get better for it.”

However, Fox declined to say if he’ll alter the quarterback rotation when Chicago travels to Arizona for its second exhibition game on Aug. 19.

“We’ve got a plan,” Fox said. “We don’t share every little intricacy of the plan. But we had a plan going into that game. As we prepare and get ready for Arizona, we’ll have a plan going into this game.

“We’ll keep you posted on that.”