Rivals gear up at Michigan's expense

What's bad for the Wolverines is good for the Eagles and Highlanders.

Bookstores at NJIT and Eastern Michigan are enjoying their finest hours after back-to-back upsets of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Peter Maranzano, manager of NJIT's bookstore, says NJIT merchandise sales are up nearly 258 percent compared to the same day last year. Maranzano said his store has processed more than 200 orders -- mostly from Ohio and Michigan -- since NJIT, a school without a conference, stunned the college basketball world with a 72-70 victory Saturday at Michigan.

He said he received 90 orders by Monday morning, an increase originally reported by the New York Times. On a normal Monday, he said, the store would process two or three requests max.

"It's been just wild," Maranzano told ESPN.com on Wednesday. "I was aware of the win right after it happened. Our Twitter account kind of exploded. I was like, 'All right, Monday's going to be crazy.' ... It's a tech school and these students are ... science people, so basketball has not ever been very important. Even after they won Saturday, I was telling students about it and they were like 'What?' ... We don't even have a conference."

Maranzano also quickly learned that the orders were coming from Michigan and Ohio, which initially confused him until he had a conversation with a guy in East Lansing who explained that he wanted an NJIT shirt so he could take a shot at the Wolverines.

"A lot of the orders are going to Michigan and Ohio," Maranzano said. "We quickly realized they were Ohio State fans and Michigan State fans. They're kind of looking to rub it in."

Eastern Michigan, which beat the Wolverines 45-42 on Tuesday night, also anticipates a boost in sales. Right now, the school lacks an online store. The only way to buy EMU merchandise is at home games, according to team spokesman Sean Hostetter.

The Eagles return to campus for a Dec. 23 matchup against Coppin State. And that's when things could get crazy, per Eastern Michigan bookstore manager Kevin McKay.

"I've gotten a few calls today, had a few more orders online," McKay told ESPN.com. "We haven't seen a big boom ... yet. We'll see what happens when they come back home for a game. I do [expect an increase in sales] actually."

My colleague Eamonn Brennan thoroughly identified some of the challenges that the Wolverines are experiencing, an ironic take when considering this Grantland piece praising the program's recruiting gains.

But there's always a ying to the yang. And life at NJIT and Eastern Michigan, at Michigan's expense, couldn't be much better than it is right now.