Cowboys took advantage of Landon Collins' absence on Jason Witten TD

Witten's late score puts Cowboys ahead (0:27)

Dallas capitalizes on Cole Beasley's 54-yard play and with a 20-yard touchdown pass from QB Dak Prescott to TE Jason Witten. (0:27)

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Jason Garrett does not like to acknowledge much. He would not rule Orlando Scandrick out of Sunday’s game against the New York Giants despite the cornerback having two broken bones in his back.

On Jason Witten’s 20-yard touchdown catch with 7:38 to play that broke a 10-10 tie, Garrett at least acknowledged the Cowboys knew the Giants were without safety Landon Collins.

On the previous play, a 54-catch by Cole Beasley, Collins suffered an ankle injury and would not return. The Cowboys were in a three-tight end formation, which is normally a run set, but Witten sprung down the seam, bent his route slightly toward the sideline and came back to the post for Dak Prescott’s perfect pass.

“He’s obviously a really good football player, but that’s a formation we had been in a lot in the ballgame,” Garrett said of Collins’ absence.

While Garrett would only say the Cowboys knew Collins would be out, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan was prepared for Collins’ absence.

“We knew we were probably going to get a base look,” Linehan said. “Usually not going to get a tricked-up red zone coverage you would get if he was there. It certainly helps to run plays when one of their best players is not on the field.

“It was well executed, by the way.”