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Kingzone chasing League of Legends history

The quadruple is in play, and with arguably five of the best 10 players in the world in its starting roster, Kingzone DragonX is playing for more than just the present. It's playing for the past and future as well.

Yong Woo Kim

King me: Looking at the LCK finals battle between Kingzone and Afreeca

Kingzone is looking for a crown after a dominant LCK season. Afreeca is looking to stop them and take it for themselves.

Overwatch League

Stage 3, Week 3

Examining the struggles of Dallas Fuel

What's wrong with Dallas Fuel? Better yet, what isn't wrong with Dallas Fuel?

Seoul's dynasty is already starting to crumble

The former Lunatic-Hai roster, complete with some marquee additions, looked like the clear favorite going into the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. But Seoul Dynasty, despite the hype, hasn't lived up to its name -- and it's only getting worse.

Overwatch League by the numbers: Boston's ups and downs

Quite simply, the Boston Uprising is living up to its name.

Top Headlines


High School

Esports is booming at Bay Shore High School

There's the pro side of esports. There's the college level. Now, high schools are getting involved. Bay Shore is just one of them, and it's turning out to be another way for students to feel included.

Nearly 20K high schools eligible to join new esports league

The National Federation of State High School Associations and PlayVS will start to sponsor esports leagues in October.

Overwatch League

Geguri: 'I want to keep trying harder and make all my fans proud'

It's not easy living up to the scrutiny of being the Overwatch League's first-ever female pro. But Geguri's getting by, with a little help from her fans.

Overwatch League Highlights.

Take a look at the week's best action from the Overwatch League.



University of British Columbia sweeps Rochester Institute of Technology to win the American Video Game League title for Dota 2 at AVGL's April Anarchy event Sunday at Beachcon in Long Beach, California. Canadian teams won both the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive championship and Dota 2 title, with York University beating Robert Morris University on Saturday in the CS:GO final.

Sean Morrison, ESPN.com5d ago

Here's a look at the competitors' view during April Anarchy at Beachcon. For many of these players, it's the first time being on-stage for a high-stakes series. The Dota 2 finals between Rochester Institute of Technology and University of British Columbia begin in a few minutes, with a $10,000 prize pool up for grabs. | Photo by Stephanie Wahlers/AVGL

Sean Morrison, ESPN.com5d ago

After a hot start to a decisive Game 5, York University beat Robert Morris University at the American Video Game League's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive finals during AVGL's April Anarchy event at Beachcon in Long Beach, California. Both teams were undefeated in AVGL going into the finals and traded map wins all the way to the decisive fifth game of this best-of-five. RMU rallied after an 8-1 deficit in Game 5 on Overpass to take a 13-12 lead, but York bounced back to win the series and the lion's share of the $10,000 prize pool.

Sean Morrison, ESPN.com6d ago

Halo World Championship


2018 Halo World Championship power rankings - Splyce on top

The 2018 Halo World Championship kicks off this weekend, and the top two teams will be in tight contention for the top prize.

Meet 'The Wizard' of Halo: Justin Deese

"The Wizard" had his humble beginnings playing Halo at a neighbor's house for fun. Now, he's hoping to take home the World Championship title.


NBA 2K League

Traditional sports and esports collide at the NBA 2K draft

When NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced the first pick of the NBA 2K draft last week, the world of esports officially crossed over into the realm of traditional sports.

Player Unknown: Knicks Gaming's YEYNotGaming hopes to make mark

He might not be one of the biggest names that came out of the NBA 2K League Draft, but Eric "YEYNotGaming" Ward's dedication to the game got him on stage Wednesday and drafted 43rd overall by Knicks Gaming after a long journey to that "cloud nine" moment.

Overwatch League

Power Rankings

Overwatch League Power Rankings through April 9

The top five has shifted considerably due to some surprising matches in the first week of Stage 3 of the Overwatch League.

Trying to solve the Seoul Dynasty puzzle

The top of the Overwatch League table now looks as many predicted: The all-Korean rosters of New York Excelsior, London Spitfire and Seoul Dynasty hold the top three spots. But Seoul could be in trouble once again.

Overwatch League Power Rankings - Valiant victorious.

With Stage 3 of the Overwatch League officially underway, Emily Rand joins Victoria Arlen look at some surprising additions to the top five.




Doublelift finds glory after tragedy

Team Liquid AD carry Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng heard about the death of his mother just a week ago. On Sunday, in Miami, his choice to stick with his team despite that loss paid off with a North American League of Legends Championship Series title.

Team Liquid 4th no more (sort of).

Perennially just on the outside looking in at the NA LCS Finals, Team Liquid was finally able to break through for its first ever championship, in no small part due to several high-priced additions.


Liquid beats 100 Thieves to win NA LCS Spring Split

AD carry Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng led Team Liquid to a 3-0 sweep of 100 Thieves in the North American League of Legends Championship Spring Split finals on Sunday in Miami.

Collegiate League of Legends

Big Ten Championship

Maryland beat Illinois 3-1 for the second straight year on Monday in the League of Legends @BigTenNetwork Championship Finals. Illinois came out of the gate to win Game 1, but the defending Big Ten champs took the remaining three games in the best-of-five to claim the conference title.

ESPN staff11d ago

North American LCS

League of Legends

How Meteos found his groove on 100 Thieves

"You can be the kind of player who sucks the life out of their teammates to make themselves look good," said 100 Thieves jungler William "Meteos" Hartman, "or you can be the type of player who breathes life into their teammates and lifts them up."

How has franchising impacted the NA LCS?

Riot Games turned a lot of heads when it announced plans to move to a franchise model for the NA LCS. Emily Rand joins Victoria Arlen in our LA studio to break down how the franchise model has affected the league.


NA LCS franchising reflections

Say goodbye to the era of old as the age of franchising ushers in a new vanguard in the standings.

Boston Uprising

Overwatch League

HuK talks Overwatch League and player discipline.

Chris "HuK" Loranger, president of gaming for the Boston Uprising, weighs in with Arash Markazi on the Overwatch League, player discipline and how his team is doing.



NBA 2K League Draft

Silver vows commitment to NBA 2K League

NBA commissioner Adam Silver doesn't think the NBA 2K League will be a fad. He believes the esports entity is "something that's going to be around forever."

Silver announces first pick of NBA 2K draft.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver reveals that Mavs Gaming has selected Artreyo "Dimez" Boyd as the first pick in the NBA 2K League draft.


Inside the Knicks' NBA 2K League draft room

There will only be one first-ever NBA 2K League draft, and the atmosphere from inside the Knicks' war room was similar to that of any other draft.


Team Liquid

League of Legends

Shanghai Dragons

Overwatch League

The unavoidable, unstoppable, unfair question of "Can Geguri save Shanghai Dragons?"

You won't be able to go far without someone asking "Can Geguri save Shanghai Dragons?" Well, that's an unfair question. A more realistic query would be about how well her playstyle will fit her new team.

All eyes on Geguri for Stage 3.

While Shanghai Dragons have yet to win a match in OWL, there is plenty of intrigue around the team headed into Stage 3 thanks to a revamped lineup. Emily Rand joins Victoria Arlen in our LA studio to discuss the much-anticipated debut of Geguri.


Esports Top 10

Esports Top 10 of March 2018.

From Smash Bros. to CS:GO, check out some of the best esports action from March.


League of Legends

NA and EU Playoffs

Vitality lacks life against Fnatic.

Fnatic punches its ticket to the EU LCS finals after dispatching Vitality.


G2 slides past Splyce.

The kings of EU will be making a fifth straight finals appearance.


Team Liquid heads to first final.

The fourth place meme is no more - Team Liquid will be heading to its first NA LCS final.


StarCraft II

20th Anniversary

Years past his StarCraft prime, Garimto has no regrets

Kim "Garimto" Dong-soo, one of the earliest champions in StarCraft, might have just missed the esports financial windfall in South Korea, but he looks back on his pro days with fond nostalgia.

HuK reflects on StarCraft rise.

Chris "HuK" Loranger had a successful run in StarCraft, traveling around the world to compete against the best players. He looks back on his time in the scene as the game celebrates its 20th anniversary.


KSV vs. SK Telecom

LCK Playoff Preview

Understanding KSV's fall from grace

From world champions to barely qualifying for playoffs, what happened to the big bad KSV?

LCK Playoffs Preview: SK Telecom vs KSV.

While it's happening earlier than most expected, all eyes will be on the World Championship Finals rematch in the LCK playoffs this weekend between SK Telecom and KSV. Xander Torres joins Victoria Arlen to bring us up to speed.


League of Legends

Global Power Rankings

League of Legends global power rankings through March 26

A few newcomers break into the top 20 as we wrap up the regular spring split global power rankings.

LoL Global Power Rankings through March 26.

South Korean squads continue to dominate the top of the Global Power Rankings as leagues across the world get ready for the playoffs. Xander Torres joins Victoria Arlen to break it all down.


Overwatch World Cup

Overwatch World Cup

Blizzard announced Tuesday the Overwatch World Cup will return for its third year. The competition starts today with qualifications and ends in November in Southern California where a champion will be crowned. Qualifications run through April 28 and will track the average skill rating of the top 150 players from countries around the world. The 20 countries with the highest average skill rating get in to the group stages, and the four host cities for groups gain an automatic spot — France, South Korea, Thailand and the United States. Those 24 teams will compete August through October for one of the eight spots in November. Tryouts will be held for the teams that qualify for groups June 1 - July 5. Overwatch League players are eligible.

Darin Kwilinski, ESPN esports24d ago


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