ROCCAT keeps NiP winless in EU LCS

Team ROCCAT didn't give up a game to Nynjas in Pyjamas on Saturday, leaving NiP winless so far in the Summer Split. Riot Games

Ninjas in Pyjamas has yet to take a single game since rejoining the European League of Legends Championship Series, as it was swept by Team ROCCAT on Saturday to kick off Week 3, Day 3 of the Summer Split in Berlin.

Between the Fiora for Ambroz "Phaxi" Hren in the top lane and Vladimir for Felix "Betsy" Edling in the mid lane, ROCCAT (2-2, match record 6-5) drafted a hard-scaling, 1-3-1 split-push composition for Game 1. As such, it was content to play a slow early game, which it did perfectly aside from Phaxi's two deaths. However, ROCCAT finally decided to get aggressive near the 22-minute mark, moving towards Baron in the blind spot of Ninjas in Pyjamas (0-4, match record 0-8). ROC secured not only the buff, but also a clean ace, which, along with its two (and later three) Infernal Drakes, made it all too easy for ROCCAT to systematically clean up the game in 31 minutes.

ROCCAT went with a scaling composition again in Game 2, this time with a tint of teamfight focus as Betsy locked on Orianna while AD carry Petter "Hjarnan" Freyschuss went with Kog'Maw. NIP didn't allow another slow early game, however, grappling with ROCCAT and taking an early objective as well as gold lead thanks to Ilyas "Shook" Hartsema on Lee Sin. Nevertheless, another early Baron take from ROCCAT, this time at 23 minutes, gave it an easy pathway to victory. Betsy's Orianna snagged a quadra kill as ROCCAT took Game 2 in under 30 minutes.

Team ROCCAT will look to further its win streak Friday at 11 a.m. ET when it takes on Team Splyce. Ninjas in Pyjamas, meanwhile, will be hard-pressed to find its first win over H2K-Gaming next Saturday at 11 a.m.