Seventh heaven for KT in win over Bbq

Provided by Riot Games

KT Rolster won its seventh series in a row with a quick 2-0 sweep of bbq Olivers on Saturday in Seoul, South Korea to close out Day 4 of Week 4 in League of Legends Champions Korea.

Bbq (1-7, 4-15 match record) went with a double AD carry composition in Game 1 with mid laner Kang "Tempt" Myung-gu picking Lucian, but it proved to be far too fragile to survive the high damage output from KT. With first blood going to KT (7-1, 14-5 match record) about 10 minutes in, KT scaled extremely well as the game progressed. KT jungler Go "Score" Dong-bin's Kha'Zix roamed all over the map with creative ganks, securing kills with relative ease and further pushing bbq into the ground. KT, not content to simply sit on its lead, went for an uncontested Baron at 21 minutes that broke the game wide open. Not needing a second Baron, KT picked off bbq members at will, eventually picking up the 29-minute win while only giving up a single kill and a single tower.

Switching up its strategy for Game 2, bbq tried to go with a pick team composition while KT's composition looked to win by way of all-out teamfighting. Tempt's Taliyah gave bbq a nice start with a couple of early kills, putting it ahead going into the midgame. KT tried to keep things close with a few objectives here and there, but bbq came up with a decisive Baron at 32 minutes to take full control over the game. Despite being down by almost 5,000 gold in the late game, though, KT never stopped looking for ways back into the game. Bbq went for an Elder Dragon at 37 minutes, but KT swarmed the Olivers at the dragon pit, taking the objective for itself. That snowballed into a Baron kill shortly after, buffing up a surging and pushing KT squad. That teamfight composition that KT drafted finally came alive, easily taking the final few fights to lock up the 43-minute win and 2-0 sweep.

KT Rolster will spend the next few days preparing for round one of the Telecom Wars against SK Telecom T1 on Tuesday at 7 a.m. ET, while bbq Olivers look to end its six-game losing streak against MVP on Thursday at 4 a.m. ET.