OMG lights up Snake Esports during a 2-0 sweep

The crowd at the 2015 League of Legends World Championship finals. Provided by Riot Games

OMG initially struggled before demolishing Snake Esports on Thursday, picking up a 2-0 sweep to close out Week 6, Day 1 of the League of Legends Pro League in Shanghai.

Drafting a decent teamfighting composition for Game 1, Snake Esports got on the board early with first blood at eight minutes, but OMG quickly clawed back into a gold lead. OMG mid laner Xie "Icon" Tian-Yu was a monster on Syndra despite giving up first blood, picking up a couple of kills and applying pressure to multiple lanes thanks to intelligent roams. While a lull in kills took over the midgame, OMG rotated circles around Snake, securing a gold lead and a 24-minute Baron kill. OMG used the buff to great effect, building a 4,500-gold lead by 27 minutes before a 2-for-0 gave OMG enough space to take down the mid lane inhibitor. Snake started to come online, however, as it took a quadrakill from Icon at 32 minutes to prevent Snake from securing a Baron after it scaled up. OMG's second Baron push was thwarted by a 5-for-0 clean ace from Snake at 37 minutes, but OMG was unperturbed. In a sloppy late game, Icon shined, leading OMG to a 2-for-0 fight at 48 minutes to add to his game-high 35,000 damage dealt to enemy champions alongside a 7/4/4 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) for 92 percent kill participation as OMG escaped Game 1 with a 49-minute win.

If there's one thing that's consistent about Snake Esports, it's that it is prone to tilting, which was put on full display in Game 2. OMG jumped out to leads across the map while Snake looked like your average solo queue team, picking up an 11-minute Rift Herald while Snake got picked off one by one. OMG's 3,400-gold lead at 16 minutes was the by-product of immense pressure coming from OMG's superior teamfighting composition, but Snake's inability to control vision in its half of the map is what made this game so one-sided. After misreading an OMG play, most of Snake just watched as OMG exposed the bottom lane inhibitor at 17 minutes, increasing its gold lead to 7,000 by 20 minutes. OMG surged after a 21-minute Baron kill, walking into Snake's base while a tilted Snake chased kills or tried to pad fantasy stats and taking the Game 2 win in just 23 minutes.