Team WE gets penta kill in sweep of OMG

Team WE nabbed a penta kill in its sweep of OMG. Provided by Riot Games

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In an action-packed main event, Team WE closed out Week 6, Day 3 of the League of Legends Pro League with a hard-fought 2-0 win over OMG on Saturday in Shanghai.

OMG (7-2, 14-7 match record) drafted to get ahead early on in Game 1, which happened just two minutes in when OMG picked up first blood in a delayed jungle invade. By 15 minutes, OMG held a roughly 3,400-gold lead through strong creep score leads and a 2-to-0 tower lead, but Team WE (7-2, 16-7 match record) didn't concede.

Throughout the mid-game, OMG's attempts to jump farther ahead were regularly thwarted while WE's late game teamfighting composition continued to scale up. At 33 minutes, OMG looked to push its lead with a Baron attempt, but it had waited too long, allowing WE to waltz into the Baron pit and take a 5-for-0 ace and a Baron kill. WE mid laner Su "xiye" Han-Wei's Galio played an impeccable frontline with a perfect 5/0/8 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) for 100 percent kill participation, and AD carry Jin "Mystic" Seong-jun's Twitch gave Team WE everything it needed to dominate teamfights. After another 5-for-0 at 36 minute, WE marched into OMG's base to secure the Game 1 win.

Both OMG and Team WE drafted teamfighting-focused compositions for Game 2, but it was WE that struck first as support Nam "Ben" Dong-hyun's Rakan picked up first blood in a duo lane outplay. WE used Ben well in the early and mid-game, sending him around the map to help the rest of WE's lanes earn modest gold leads.

WE seemed to be in complete control heading into the mid-game but got sloppy in OMG's jungle. An ill-advised engage from WE gave OMG the chance to take a 4-for-2 fight at 24 minutes and even up the gold. The teams then went back-and-forth around Baron, dancing around each other and mid lane for a while before WE finally made a move.

While WE lost a 3-for-2 fight following its Baron kill at 32 minutes, the buff turned out to be all WE needed to activate its late game teamfighting. In particular, Ben was clutch down the stretch for Team WE, staying alive in long fights to crowd control OMG to death as WE took a 40-minute Baron after a 4-for-1 fight. After taking a stacked Elder Dragon (to go along with two Infernal Drakes and a Mountain Drake), WE pushed to end the game in style as Mystic picked up a pentakill and WE got the 47-minute Game 2 win to complete the 2-0 sweep.

OMG looks to bounce back against I May at 8 a.m. ET on Thursday, while Team WE prepares for Suning Gaming at 5 a.m. ET on Friday.