MVP adjusts, reverse sweeps bbq Olivers

MVP and bbq Olivers went with tank-heavy compositions in Wednesday's match, but MVP executed better after a shaky Game 1. Provided by Riot Games

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Week 8, Day 2 of League of Legends Champions Korea play kicked off with MVP walking away victorious against bbq Olivers in 2-1 fashion on Wednesday in Seoul, South Korea.

Game 1's draft phase saw MVP (4-11, 9-25 match record) bring four tanks to the Rift to underline its teamfighting composition, but bbq Olivers (3-1, 10-26 match record) decided the best counter was to bring three tanks of its own. The early game saw plenty of fighting, with bbq being the main aggressor as the team posted a 2,000-gold lead by 15 minutes, which ballooned to a 5,300-gold lead by 20 minutes.

MVP then made a fatal overextension in the mid lane, leading to a bbq 3-for-0 teamfight victory and free Baron buff. Bbq didn't need another Baron to bring down MVP; it took a solid 4-for-0 teamfight to close out the game to go up 1-0 in the series.

The two teams didn't deviate much from the previous draft, but the game saw MVP and bbq go nearly dead-even in gold all the way through 21 minutes. There was less fighting in the early game compared to Game 1, but neither team made proactive plays to establish map control, either.

MVP managed to handily win a 3-for-0 teamfight near the 29-minute mark to grab a free Baron and break the game's stalemate. The team didn't waste time pushing lanes and destroying turrets, forcing bbq to constantly put attention on its base. Bbq attempted to rush Baron at the 36-minute mark, but a quick rotation by MVP led to three kills and another buff to MVP that allowed it to even the series.

Bbq Olivers opted to continue drafting the same despite its loss, while MVP decided to bring more standard teamfighting composition to the table in Game 3. The first 15 minutes saw only one kill take place, but MVP still created a 1,200-gold lead in that time through better farming. The teams didn't fight much, but MVP slowly built its gold lead by winning every skirmish that took place to create map control.

A 2-for-0 teamfight victory for MVP near the 30-minute mark paved the way to a Baron, but very little was done with the buff due to staunch defense from bbq. MVP fought back, though ended the game after winning a 2-for-0 teamfight at the 37-minute mark, closing the 2-1 series victory.

Bbq Olivers will have another chance to find a victory when it plays KT Rolster on at 4 a.m. ET Friday. MVP will look to start a win streak as it plays Jin Air Green Wings at 4 a.m. ET on Sunday.