SK Telecom T1 breaks losing streak, sweeps Ever8 Winners

SK Telecom T1 broke its losing streak with a clean sweep of Ever8 Winners on Wednesday in Seoul, South Korea. Provided by Riot Games

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SK Telecom T1 finally looked like the SKT that won Worlds in 2016 when it broke its four-game losing streak with a 2-0 sweep over Ever8 Winners on Wednesday in Seoul, South Korea, to close out Week 8, Day 2 of League of Legends Champions Korea.

SKT (10-5, 20-13 match record) drafted a powerful teamfighting composition in Game 1, while Ever8 Winners (2-13, 9-26 match record) decided to draft a go with a composition that had more splitpush and pick potential. Not many kills went down in the early game, and both teams made it to the 15-minute mark very close in gold.

Ever8 looked to start fighting SKT going into the mid-game, but SKT turned around and started punishing this aggressive style. The game slowly fell into a stalemate after the 25-minute mark due to both teams falling back on passive play. It wasn't until the 31-minute mark when SKT rushed Baron that the stalemate was broken. In typical SKT fashion, a strong Baron play led to an easy Nexus kill; Ever8 couldn't stop the bleeding.

In Game 2, SKT drafted another teamfighting-focused composition, while Ever8 dropped its splitpush for more teamfighting after it got rocked in Game 1. Ever8 got outplayed by its opponent, though, as SKT built an early 2,700-gold lead through kills, first tower gold and superior farming.

SKT began to look somewhat like its form of old, rotating well and exercising its superior macro play to create and maintain map control. That map control led to an uncontested Baron, and SKT utilized the buff to break down the Ever8 base, opening the opportunity for SKT to end the game. A quick top lane push into a teamfight victory allowed SKT to finish off the clean sweep.

SK Telecom T1 will hope to build on this win that was a long time coming when it faces ROX Tigers at 7 a.m. ET on Friday. Ever8 Winners will take on Afreeca Freecs at 7 a.m. ET on Sunday.