Invictus Gaming disposes of LGD 2-0 in the LPL

The audience at the 2015 League of Legends North American League Championship Finals in Madison Square Garden. Provided by Riot Games

Invictus Gaming came away with a dominating 2-0 sweep of LGD Gaming to open up Week 7 of the League of Legends Pro League on Thursday in Shanghai.

While LGD jungler Xie "Eimy" Dan managed to get his hands on Zac in Game 1, it was the Kayn of Invictus jungler Gao "Ning" Zhen Ning that made the big difference in this game. He started off with a first blood just a few minutes in, and continued to own the jungle all game long to give his team terrific vision all across the map. That vision led to perfect rotations and engagements for Invictus, including a 2-for-1 teamfight that broke the game wide open at the 12-minute mark, leading to a 5,000-gold lead by 15 minutes. LGD threatened to make the game interesting with a 4-for-1 teamfight win at the 18-minute mark, but Invictus didn't allow it to gain any advantages from positive skirmish. Instead, Ning found a solo kill pick that led to a 24-minute Baron that Invictus used to push for the 27-minute win.

Invictus rode that wave of momentum into the second game of this series and again dominated LGD from start to finish. Ning was again involved in the first blood once again, this time coming just three minutes in to give his team a nice early lead. As the early game gave way to the midgame, Invictus continued to push LGD all over the map. By the time 20 minutes had passed, Invictus owned an 8-1 kill advantage and a 4,000-gold lead. Invictus had a slight hiccup at 23 minutes when it went for the first Baron and lost three members in the ensuing fight. Despite this, it still ended up with a sizable lead that LGD couldn't overcome. Invictus simply kept pushing lanes in until dominating a late teamfight 4-for-2 to pick up a 32 minute Baron, effectively shutting down LGD and allowing Invictus to secure the win just a short while later. Pushing Invictus along in every teamfight was mid laner Song "RooKie" Eui Jin's Syndra, who finished with a 5/1/5 KDA (kills/deaths/assists).