Team WE comes out on top over EDG with 2-1 win

A League of Legends crowd gets hyped before a match. Provided by Riot Games

Team WE was simply unwilling to give up superiority in the League of Legends Pro League, picking up a 2-1 win over EDward Gaming on Saturday in Shanghai during Week 10, Day 3 action.

With its position atop Group A secure and a top playoff seed locked in, the question was whether or not EDward Gaming would show up versus WE. While it did that for one game, that was not enough to lock up the series. EDG seemingly wanted to feel out WE in the opening game of this series, which ended up being its downfall. WE came out ready to fight, gaining a 10-to-1 advantage in kills by 21 minutes. Leading the charge was Xiang "Condi" Ren-Jie on the tempo pushing jungler Olaf. He led the team in kills early game and found success in the late game as an unanswerable backline disruptor.

However, the sneaky secret to the team's success was another MVP performance by AD carry Jin "Mystic" Sung-Jun on Xayah. He only managed four kills in the high-octane game, but his damage was felt in a big way as he secured an impressive ten assists. The formula of pace pushing by Condi and consistent damage by Mystic was also the formula the team followed in its series-clinching Game 3 victory.

EDG ran vanilla compositions throughout the series, perhaps not wanting to show its hand as playoffs approach. The exception being in the one game the team found victory, in which it took advantage of being gifted an extremely high damage composition WE naively left available in the draft. Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of Game 2 is that WE ran a double AD carry composition coupled with Brand as support, but failed to fight smartly as the two lowest damage dealers on the team were in fact the carries. Overall, it appeared that the series was much more important to WE as the team pushed to gain momentum in the final week of the split before heading into the playoffs, while. EDG seemingly wanted to treat the engagement as a high-end scrim.