Invictus Gaming wins the Baron dance over DAN Gaming in the LPL

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Invictus Gaming managed to outlast DAN Gaming in a hard fought 2-1 victory in Week 10, Day 3 of the League of Legends Pro League Summer Split in Shanghai.

DAN had an opportunity to do the unthinkable as a victory would have secured a spot in the Summer Split Playoffs. But after three neck and neck games, it was clear that IG is the superior squad. As a team that locks onto the objective of taking Baron, DAN's one note tune was exposed completely. Ironically, the only game IG dropped was the first when it was baited into a 5-vs-5 teamfight which DAN managed to sloppily clean up. The game was IG's to lose and that is exactly what it did, not ceding the gold lead until the final two minutes.

This entire series was centered around a single objective: Baron Nashor. Once the 20-minute mark hit, the focus would leave the side lanes and become solely focused on taking down the powerful beast. Whether IG wanted to constantly contest the monster or not, it was forced to because given any small window of opportunity, DAN was pressuring to rush it down. As monotonous as the Baron control style is, the all-in fights that it leads too are requisitely tense as the team that wins the fight can snowball by default.

Invictus Gaming won this Baron battle in Games 2 and 3 on the back of a spectacular performance by AD carry Chen "West" Long. While on Tristana in IG's first game victory, he did a spectacular job hanging around the fringes of fights, then Rocket Jumped in to clean up flashing health bar opponents after exhausting key abilities and summoners. After gaining confidence, West truly shined in Game 3 on Kog'Maw as he secured a 2/1/8 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) and, more importantly, led the team with a 100 percent kill participation.

Thanks to the LPL's franchised organizational structure DAN will not have to play in a relegation tournament and will be returning to the LPL In 2018 for the Spring Split. Invictus Gaming will next be seen taking on either OMG or Newbee in the first round of the playoffs on Tuesday at 2:00 a.m. ET.