Overwatch League Power Rankings through March 13

Overwatch League Power Rankings - LA rising (5:27)

While the top 3 are unchanged, two new teams make an appearance this week in the Overwatch League Power Rankings. Tyler Erzbeeger joins Phil Murphy to break it all down. (5:27)

If there was a week to miss Overwatch League, this is not the week. It will be a clash of the titans as the only remaining perfect team in Stage 2, the Seoul Dynasty, take on both the NYXL and the London Spitfire. In other news, the city of Los Angeles is on the rise and the state of Texas is trying to figure out where it all went wrong.

1. New York Excelsior

Movement: No movement

Another week, another 2-0 round for the best team in the league. The New York XL only dropped one map in the most recent round, sweeping the San Francisco Shock to keep itself atop of the overall standings. New York isn't perfect, however. The team's mechanical skill might be the highest in the league right up there with the London Spitfire, but the team's ultimate use and team fighting can get sloppy at times. In games where the team should steamroll, there are moments where the XL will try to make a flashy play and die over waiting for a better setup to execute upon.

2. Seoul Dynasty

Movement: No movement

Seoul is in control so far in Stage 2. The Dynasty is the only team left in the league without a loss. The upcoming week for the Dynasty is going to be key. It plays both the XL and Spitfire, and if the Dynasty can 2-0 its rivals, there will be zero doubt in anyone's mind who the top dog in the Overwatch League is, disappointing Stage 1 or not. While the Dynasty might not have the flashiness of a Spitfire or even XL, the team's precision and meticulous fight setups make Seoul the cleanest team in the league when firing on all cylinders.

3. London Spitfire

Movement: No movement

Maybe Chan-hyung "Fissure" Baek wasn't the problem?

After trading one of its stalwart tanks to the Gladiators, the transaction came back to bite the Spitfire when Fissure got his revenge in a statement game for the rising Gladiators. Consistency has always been an issue with this team. Right when you're ready to put them at first, it falls back to the issues that have kept them the most talented but frustrating team in the league. The GC Busan-side, sans Joon-yeong "Profit" Park, has been struggling, and the shuffling of the rosters haven't been the remedy for the team's ongoing issues.

4. Los Angeles Valiant

Movement: +2

The Valiant hasn't had the toughest schedule to begin Stage 2 outside of its two defeats, yet the team has been consistent overall, sitting at 4-2 for Stage 2 and 11-5 overall in the league, putting them only below NY, Seoul and London in the overall standings. The LAV tank duo of Pan-seung "Fate" Koo and Kang-jae "envy" Lee has been the team's heart and soul this season so far. While France's Soon has been the teams clear ace, the South Korean tank duo has been arguably top three in the league thus far.

5. Los Angeles Gladiators

Movement: +3

Is this the true form of the LA Gladiators? After being a middling team for most of the year, the Gladiators had the best week of its existence so far in Overwatch League, first taking out hallway rivals the Valiant in a Battle of Los Angeles and then one-upping that big win by taking out the Spitfire. It's too soon to rank the Gladiators over teams who have been performing better throughout the first eight weeks of the season while LAG sits at .500 overall (8-8), yet the addition of Fissure has truly started to bring this team into the forefront.

LAG's South Korean DPS Joon-seong "Asher" Choi is finally starting to come into his own as a player and had his best run with the Gladiators this past week. He had an overall scoreline of 94 kills to only 47 deaths.

6. Philadelphia Fusion

Movement: -1

And just like that, the Fusion is back to where it started Stage 1. That's not to say Fusion is a bad team, seeing as it took a map off both Seoul and New York, but the hope of Philadelphia breaking up the troika of all-South Korea teams is pretty much defunct at this point. It will be imperative for the Fusion to take care of business the upcoming week with two winnable matches against the winless Shanghai Dragons with a hamstrung lineup and the capsizing Dallas Fuel. Anything other than a 2-0 week would be a disaster for Philadelphia, especially with the surging much-improved Gladiators breathing down their necks.

7. Houston Outlaws

Movement: -2

Things are not sunny in Houston. After being ranked No. 1 in our Power Rankings just two weeks ago, Houston is on the downturn, needing to go to five games to defeat a Florida Mayhem team who only had one win to its name before reverse-sweeping fellow slumping Texan squad, Dallas Fuel, in its next game. The schedule doesn't get easier for the Outlaws. Its next game will be against the LA Gladiators, who is on the opposite trajectory of Houston, rallying off wins and pushing itself close to one of the coveted six playoff positions.

8. Boston Uprising

Movement: +1

It hasn't been a good Stage 2 for the Boston Uprising, but there's no remedy better than a slump than getting an easy win over the Shanghai Dragons. After getting blown out by the London Spitfire in a sweep, a sweep of its own over Shanghai keeps Boston at .500 and still in the hunt for the playoffs. The absence of tank leader Noh "Gamsu" Yeong-Jin is apparent, and unless Boston gets back its best player or Blizzard allows the Uprising to play Shanghai every game of the season, it's difficult to see things getting better anytime soon.

9. San Francisco Shock

Movement: +1

Although playoffs are more than likely not in the Shock's future for the first year of Overwatch League, there is a lot to like about this team. Sleepy has emerged as a support that the Shock can build its future around, and on the offensive end, Danteh has had similar growth, coming into his own the past two weeks with outrageous numbers, highlighted by his 66 kills (yes, that's not a typo) against the Dallas Shock in its 3-0 win. With the looming debuts of Sinatraa and Super on the horizon, San Francisco can be happy with how things have played out. This is a year of learning for the Shock, and while other bottom tier teams are bringing in players like a revolving door, San Francisco is steadfast in the development of its roster.

10. Dallas Fuel

Movement: -3

It is not fun right now to be a Dallas fan. Dreams of playoff glory and possibly even a world title seemed possible in the preseason, and now it feels like the season is already over. Players coming in and out with no real impact. xQc, the team's bombastic tank, has been released from the team after his second suspension. There is no real synergy on this team, and Dallas is a prime example of having talented players on a piece of paper does not ultimately make a title-winning (or even playoff-contending) club. San Francisco and Dallas both sit at 5-11, but where the Shock is growing over time by investing in its original players, Dallas is trying to bandage a sinking ship without finding any real consistency in the roster.

11. Florida Mayhem

Movement: None

Florida got a win! In a similar situation to San Francisco, Florida has been playing better with its core roster, and it finally got rewarded with a win over Dallas, the antithesis of what Florida has been trying to do throughout the season. Still, even with the victory, it's difficult to rank the Mayhem over Dallas, when the Mayhem sits at 2-14 and needed a reverse-sweep to take down a Fuel team in turmoil. If the Mayhem can continue on its path of improvement and make smart decisions when it comes to incoming new members, it won't be long before Florida can start thinking of breaking into the single digits of our rankings.

12. Shanghai Dragons

Movement: None

Weida "Diya" Lu is out for two weeks for personal reasons. The incoming new players are still trying to get their visas. The team's head coach has been relieved of his duties. Shanghai is 0-16 and has only won two maps the entire Stage 2 thus far. As pessimistic as it sounds, Shanghai is a walkover at this point until Diya returns and gets help from the likes of Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon and He "Sky" Junjian. Maybe next week. Just maybe, Shanghai fans.