Panda Global responds to Infiltration abuse allegations

Panda Global Street Fighter V player Lee "Infiltration" Seon-Woo did not participate in last weekend's Tokyo Game Show tournament in Japan while the team investigates allegations of domestic abuse, Panda Global cofounder Alan Bunney confirmed Monday.

Last weekend, many of the world's best Street Fighter V competitors traveled to Japan for the 13th event of this year's Capcom Pro Tour, but after the allegations surfaced on social media last week, Lee did not compete.

"People assume we pulled him from TGS," Bunney said. "It was actually a very mutual agreement.

"We've been trying to deal with obtaining actual records, getting proper translations ... to make sure we have everything right, everything accurate, everything with the full, complete story because this is serious."

The Panda Global leader stressed that he hopes to release a full statement later this week but said patience and deliberation would result in the fairest and most accurate investigation.

Lee, one of the best Street Fighter players in the world, was signed by Panda Global in March.

"We would never condone someone who has done domestic abuse," Bunney said. "You can imagine the sort of action that I would take regarding this."