FACEIT, LCS launch Scouting Grounds qualifying circuit

Yusui makes long-awaited LCS debut (5:21)

The formerly retired Echo Fox mid laner had made the top tier of League play before this split but hopes to make the most of his chance. (5:21)

FACEIT and the League of Legends Championship Series announced Friday that they will host the first official Scouting Grounds Circuit, which will act as a qualifying event for North America's Scouting Grounds event.

The series of events, which will begin this summer, will feature a $60,000 total prize pool for top amateur players hoping to earn a spot on an LCS or Academy roster.

Teams will compete in a multi-stage tournament featuring 10 online events during July, August and September, with the top two teams qualifying for the fourth annual LCS Scouting Grounds event in November, according to a statement from Riot Games. The company hopes the competition will provide more opportunities for amateur players to stand out and draw the attention of LCS teams.

Individual players will still be able to qualify for Scouting Grounds via solo queue as well, according to Riot Games.

"It's never been more important for us to ensure that we have a robust system in place to facilitate the growth, development, and visibility of the next generation of League of Legends stars," LCS commissioner Chris Greeley added in a statement.

FACEIT, which hosts tournaments in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Apex Legends and several other titles, will help facilitate the organization of the series.

"The FACEIT platform is known to be a training ground for serious players of all levels and has successfully developed esports stars in a number of competitive titles," FACEIT co-founder and chief business officer Michele Attisani said in a statement.

-- Field Level Media