College basketball first-year coach scorecard: Who's overachieving?

Lee powers Vandy past Buffalo with 25 bench points (1:24)

Vanderbilt junior Saben Lee provides a spark off of the bench with 25 points, leading the Commodores to a 90-76 victory over Buffalo. (1:24)

After a school makes a coaching change in the spring, there are a few checkpoints to see how things are progressing. The first comes a few weeks after the hire, when one can assess how the new coach has either rebuilt the roster or kept the existing pieces together following the change. Next is after the summer, when we have a clearer picture of the recruiting targets for the new coach. Is he changing tactics and goals from the previous coach, aiming higher on rankings lists or recruiting more to his new system? After that, we can take a look right before the season, gauging what expectations the program will have in his first campaign.