Arizona guard Rawle Alkins sustains minor fracture in win over St. Mary's

SALT LAKE CITY -- Arizona guard Rawle Alkins dislocated his right index finger and sustained a minor fracture in the Wildcats' second-round win over St. Mary's.

The freshman suffered the injury during the first half of the game amidst a scuffle for a defensive rebound. Rawle said the ball hit his finger, and when he looked down at his right index finger, it looked exactly like his left index finger.

He went back into the locker room, where he received an X-ray and the fracture diagnosis. Doctors taped his finger, and he was cleared to return to the game.

"Even with that, I still wanted to play for my team," Alkins said. "Being that it could potentially be the last game of the year, I didn't want to go out like this."

Alkins finished with six points, one assist and two steals. He said his finger bothered him once he returned to the court, but he believes he'll take the next few days off to allow it to heal. He intends to play in the Wildcats' Sweet 16 matchup with Xavier.

"I'm going to do whatever it takes to get back on the court," Alkins said.

Alkins' return would be crucial for Arizona. The freshman has started 35 games for the Wildcats this season, averaging 11 points and five rebounds per game.