Best fits for 15 top NFL free agents

49ers signing Sherman to 'incentive-laden deal' (0:49)

Adam Schefter describes the series of events that led to Richard Sherman signing a three-year contract with the 49ers. (0:49)

As NFL free agency officially kicks off this week, it's important to note that a player's overall fit in a team's scheme is a critical part of the evaluation process. Yes, teams have a ton of money to spend as they target players to fill needs and create roster competition. But if those players don't fit in how the coaching staff operates, the bust potential is much higher, and production won't match the contract they sign.

With that in mind, let's pick out the best fits for 15 of the best free agents on the market. These are realistic fits, as I'm taking into account teams that also have money to spend. I'm also including each player's ranking from our Top 100 free agent list.

We'll start with the top quarterback on the market and hit several other players who could cash in this week:

Kirk Cousins, QB

Best fit: Minnesota Vikings | Rank: No. 1

With new offensive coordinator John DeFilippo bringing the Eagles' modern passing game -- a mix of West Coast routes, play-action and run-pass options -- to Minnesota, Cousins' skill set is a perfect match. He's an accurate thrower with the mobility and toughness to create off movement schemes. Plus, with the Vikings being set at the skill positions and featuring one of the league's nastiest defenses, Cousins is the final piece to making this team an early favorite to win the NFC in 2018.