WR Hopkins' mother to be subject of new movie

HOUSTON -- Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins' mom, Sabrina Greenlee, will be the subject of a movie that will tell the story of her life.

According to Variety, "Sabrina" will follow a single mother "who is attacked and left for dead and finds herself in a battle to change the course of her life and stay on the new path she's created for herself and her four children."

Greenlee was blinded in 2002 when a woman -- who, Greenlee said, was seeing Greenlee's boyfriend at the time -- threw a mixture of bleach and lye at her face. Greenlee has also said she has been in a number of abusive relationships.

Hopkins raises money to help raise awareness for domestic violence. In October 2016, during Domestic Violence Awareness month, he pledged to donate $1,000 for every touchdown he scored that month.

"My mom has always put everyone before herself and sacrificed things unimaginable," Hopkins told Variety. "Now it's time for people to see her true value and learn that giving up is not an option."