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Host Nat Coombs is joined by a crack team of journalists, analysts, players and guests from across the ESPN galaxy to bring you the definitive transatlantic NFL podcast experience four (count 'em) times a week.

With new episodes every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, we'll bring you everything you need to know from around the league, the fantasy market and more. So if you're a veteran fan or new to the sport, all you need to do is come get some.

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Episode guide

The episode lineup is:

Jan. 18: The Situational Touchdown Machine

Nat and The OG celebrate the last show before they travel to Miami by previewing a massive weekend in Daily Fantasy for the Conference Championship games.

Jan. 17: Nat, Ben and The Walrus Cave

Championship weekend is almost here and to celebrate we are joined by Ben Isaacs to preview all of the action.

Jan. 15: Nat, Mike and the Weirdest Place to Watch a Game

Nat and Mike dive into Kevin Stefanski arriving at the Browns & where the big free agents may go this offseason. Ben Isaacs also joins to review LSU's National Championship win.

Jan. 13: Nat, Tom, and Overreactions about Lamar Jackson

Nat is joined by comedian and presenter Tom Deacon to recap an incredible weekend in the Divisional Playoffs & Ben Isaacs previews the Championship game in College Football.

Jan. 11: Nat and the OG's Beautiful Mind

Nat and Ollie Geale breakdown all of the important information that you need to know for daily fantasy for the divisional playoffs.

Jan. 10: The Best Weekend in Football

When you've got a weekend of football this good, who else could Nat invite down to talk about it than the one and only Jason Bell? This is the sharp end, time to bring it...

Jan. 8: Nat presents the wacky midweek Mike podcast

Nat and Mike give their thoughts on all of the recent coaching appointments in the NFL & Ben Isaacs joins us to talk Tua declaring for the 2020 draft.

Jan. 6: Nat, Nicky and Jerry Jones crashing Wildcard Weekend

Nat is joined by Nicky Bandini to review Wildcard Weekend and discuss the appointment of Mike McCarthy in Dallas.

Jan. 4: The Dalvin Cook Dilemma

Nat and The OG are very excited to bring you their picks for the first dose of playoff daily fantasy football this season & there is a certain purple flavour to the OGs team.

Dec. 28: Regular Season Fantasy Finale

Nat and The OG taste the bitter sweetness of the final round of regular season match-ups, but it's ok - Gardner Minshew is speaking to the guys through Ollie's ring. Erk.

Dec. 27: The Gift of Tom Deacon

Nat is joined by friend of the show and seriously festive Niners fan Tom Deacon to work off the turkey and call all the action coming up this final weekend of the regular season

Dec. 26: The Christmas Special with Ken Anderson and Torry Holt

Iron Mike sits down with two NFL legends in former Bengals QB Ken Anderson and Rams Reciever Torry Holt.

Dec. 23: Festive Football with Iron Mike

Nat reviews Week 16 in the NFL with Iron Mike, who questions the leadership of the Cowboys and praises the league's worst teams. Plus, Michael Thomas love and a festive Top 5.

Dec. 21: Ollie IS Fantasy Football

Nat finally comes undisputed top in the Daily Fantasy battle this week and the OG is so distraught he tries to prove he's still more Football than Nat. Literally.

Dec. 20: The Nat Coombs Twitch

Nat is joined by ESPN mainstay and devout Eagles fan Gab Marcotti. They reveal an origin story, just who Gab hates, a lot about the Eagles and a whole lot more besides.

Dec. 18: Nat & Part 2 of Iron Mike vs The Machine

Nat and Mike return to talk the magnificent Drew Brees, waiver pickups & pro bowl selections.

Dec. 16: Nat, Tom & the Complex Nature of Simplicity

Nat welcomes Tom Deacon to chat Bills making the playoffs, the mystery of Jameis Winston & the overall playoff picture.

Dec. 14: Close, but Nat still gets the jacket

Nat and the fantasy OG ran things to the wire last week but Nat is still in the hotseat -- can he do better this week, or are you still going for Ollie's picks to win...?

Dec. 13: How do you stop Lamar Jackson?

Nat and the mighty J-Bell ask all the big questions ahead of this weekend's action, get inside the mind of a cornerback and a whole lot more. Come get some.

Dec. 11: Nat, Mike & the Egg & Spoon race in the NFC East

Nat and Mike chat Spygate 2.0, officiating and the NFC East then Ben Isaacs joins us to give us his NFL profile of LSU quarterback Joe Burrow.

Dec. 9: Nat, Nicky & Tannehill mania

Nat and Nicky breakdown the incredible game between the Saints and the 49ers, struggle to feel sympathy for the Pats and discuss the unleashing of Todd Gurley.

Dec. 7: "I'm Ollie Geale and I'm the Fantasy OG"

A contentious week for Nat and The OG but Ollie gets his first forfeit nonetheless -- doesn't stop him picking the winners for you and you'd better believe it's on!

Dec. 6: Niners Xmas pt.2

Nat is joined this week by Olympic gold medalist and our 2nd 49ers fan in 2 weeks, Mark Hunter! Together they talk Trubisky, coaches in the hot seat and of course the Saints!

Dec. 4: Nat & Mike go on a cruise with Mike Tomlin

Nat and Mike get into the departure of Ron Rivera from the Carolina Panthers and discuss potential replacements for him. Ben Isaacs returns for his weekly College preview!

Dec. 2: Nat, Greg & the Patriots reign ending, again

Nat and Greg review the Patriots losing & the continued dominance of Lamar Jackson. We also welcome World Record breaker Jacob Barnor.

Nov. 30: Angry Nutmeg Scarf

Nat and The Fantasy OG are back and it turns out Ollie's won his third week on the spin so Nat's now wearing his penance glasses. Can he take it this week and dress the OG?

Nov. 29: All The Kickers

Nat is joined by the very festive Tom Deacon this week who talks Niners, jumpers and kickers as well as picking all the big games this week.

Nov. 27: Nat & Mike give thanks to Mean Gene

Nat and Mike discuss Lamar Jackson, Jason Garrett & much more. Ben Isaacs previews rival weekend in College football.

Nov. 25: Nat Coombs presents MRK vs. Frank

Nat is joined by comedian, actor and Detroit Lions fan Marek Larwood to talk the 49ers' dominance, the boring Patriots and watching your team with a backup QB.

Nov. 23: Winner's Jacket Off 2 - This Time, It's Furry

Played 2, lost 2 for our host in Paddy Power Fantasy's Listener League so OG's taking the forfeit up a notch, or is that down? Either way, Nat's determined to win this week!

Nov. 22: Et Tua, NFL?

Nat is joined in studio by journalist, broadcaster & College ball specialist Ben Isaacs. They cover all the upcoming action, starting with some further-future, Tua Tagovailoa.

Nov. 20: Nat, Mike & some guy called Jerry Rice

Nat and Mike deep dive into all of the big NFL stories live from the opening of the NFL academy gym and there is a very special interview with a certain Jerry Rice.

Nov. 18: Nat, Nicky & is Gronk going to the XFL?

Nat and Nicky Bandini run through all of the action from week 11 of the NFL and Ben Isaacs joins us to discuss the implications of the Tua Tagovailoa injury.

Nov. 15: Thursday Night's Alright For Fighting?

Nat is joined by darts legend and devout Steelers fan Paul Nicholas to sift through the rubble of last night's altercation, talk Kap and pick all the weekend's action.

Nov. 13: Nat, Mike & the Tijuana Chargers

Nat and Mike discuss whether Kaepernick could be returning to the NFL, Ben Isaacs breaks down the LSU/Alabama college game and sports agent Brittany Gilman debuts on the show.

Nov. 8: What kind of car is Baker Mayfield?

The one and only Jason Bell is in the house this week to not only answer to help preview all the week 10 match-ups but also some of life's great questions too...

Nov. 7: Extra Time: NFL UK In The House

In a bonus show Nat talks to Alistair Kirkwood MD of NFL UK to talk about the games just gone, what's next for London and a whole lot more. How much? Download and find out...

Nov. 4: Nat, Ben, J.P & Belichick needing to chill

Nat and Ben Isaacs break down another epic week of NFL action and it is a pleasure to welcome Jags broadcaster J.P Shadrick to the show to discuss the Minshew vs. Foles debate.

Oct. 24: Nat & Neil Fight Club

This week Nat is joined by Sky and NFLUK's Neil Reynolds to talk Rams Superbowl hopes, Joe Montana and The Bee Gees, plus all the weekend's games of course.

Oct. 23: Nat & Mike ask What Would Bill Do

Nat and Mike deep-dive into the Patriots dominance & trades that could happen before the deadline. Plus, we welcome one of the key members behind the NFL UK games - Matt Lynch.

Oct. 2: Nat, Mike & Vernon Kay's love for the Scottish Hammer

Join Nat Coombs and Mike Carlson live from the Oakland Raiders practice facility for a deep dive into Bengals, Burfict and Britain. Plus, Vernon Kay on his love for the game.