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Athlete. Olympian. Chinese American. Michelle Kwan is the center of sports' Venn diagram

Michelle Kwan is in a unique position. She's Chinese American, a two-time Olympic medalist and a diplomat. Here are her thoughts on the postponement of the Olympics.

Michelle Kwan's advice for Olympic hopefuls

Michelle Kwan provides some insight into what Olympic-bound athletes are experiencing and offers her advice for how to get through this tumultuous time.



Biles on competing in 2021: Nothing set in stone

With the Tokyo Games postponed to the summer of 2021, Simone Biles told The Associated Press that "it's a letdown" and that "nothing is really set in stone yet" as far as her plans for the Olympics.

Is Joseph Schooling ready for more gold after being the last man to beat Michael Phelps?

With the fame and success of beating Michael Phelps at the 2016 Rio Games has come periods of doubt and frustration for Joseph Schooling. But he's not counting himself out for more gold next year.


JULY 23, 2021

Rescheduled Tokyo Games to open July 23, 2021

The postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games have been rescheduled to begin July 23, 2021.

Mori confirms that a new Olympics date will be set this week

Tokyo 2020 president Yoshiro More confirms that the two options for the Olympics are spring or summer 2021.


What moving the Tokyo Olympics means for the NBA and Team USA

For the NBA and Team USA, moving the Olympic Games to 2021 raises big questions. Here are the answers so far.

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