15Maxime Médard, FB
14Damian Penaud, W
13Virimi Vakatawa, C
12Gael Fickou, C
11Yoann Huget, W
10Romain Ntamack, FH
9Antoine Dupont, SH
1Jefferson Poirot, P
2Guilhem Guirado, H
3Rabah Slimani, P
4Arthur Iturria, L
5Sebastien Vahaamahina, L
6Wenceslas Lauret, FL
7Charles Ollivon, FL
8Gregory Alldritt, N8
16Camille Chat, R
17Cyril Baille, R
18Demba Bamba, R
19Bernard Le Roux, R
20Louis Picamoles, R
21Maxime Machenaud, R
22Camille Lopez, R
23Thomas Ramos, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Tokyo Stadium
3:15 AM, September 21, 2019

Match Commentary

81'+123-21 End of second half
80'A narrow win to France in a tough encounter.
80'France wins the ruck, they kick it out, the game is over and a brawl breaks out in the middle of the field.
80'Pick and rolling it forward, spread it wide, back to the middle, making no territory as France push the offside.
80'Drop kick, Pumas have the ball inside France half.
80'Seconds remaining and France look to hold on to their two-point lead.
79'Emiliano Boffelli misses!
79'They are going to take the shot at goal from halfway.
78'Penalty to Argentina on halfway for a tackle in the air.
76'Romain Ntamack misses!
76'Penalty to France.
75'Pumas win the lineout against the throw and clear the ball downfield.
74'France have the ball in the middle of the field and make a break down the left before the Pumas regather a kick and are tackled over the sideline.
73'Player substituted - Antoine Dupont , France
73'Substitute on - Maxime Machenaud , France
72'Pumas win a ruck and the midfield grind starts again.
71'And they lose the ball and France kick it deep, before it is returned to halfway.
71'Pumas on the attack from the lineout.
70'Clearing kick by France from the restart.
70'23-21 Drop goal - Camille Lopez , France
69'France back in front.
69'From the restart France win the ruck ball and are on the attack. They kick a field goal through replacement Camille Lopez.
69'20-21 Penalty goal - Benjamin Urdapilleta , Argentina
68'They have fought back from being 17 points down.
68'Nicolas Sanchez adds the three points and the Pumas hit the front!
68'Substitute on - Cyril Baille , France
68'Player substituted - Jefferson Poirot , France
68'Player substituted - Damian Penaud , France
68'Substitute on - Camille Lopez , France
67'France are penalised for holding on in the ruck and present Argentina with a chance to hit the lead. The TMO has been called in to review an incident where two players collided in the air.
67'A towering midfield kick from France nearly goes horribly wrong as the Pumas make a break before losing the ball.
66'Pumas lose the ball in centre field. France on the attack.
64'A France knock on in the Argentina side of halfway and the replacements are streaming onto the field.
64'Player substituted - Tomas Lavanini , Argentina
64'Substitute on - Matias Alemanno , Argentina
64'Substitute on - Mayco Vivas , Argentina
64'Player substituted - Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro , Argentina
62'This is a real arm wrestle of a game, with much of the play in the middle third of the ground.
62'France spread it wide following the restart.
61'Player substituted - Gregory Alldritt , France
61'Substitute on - Louis Picamoles , France
61'Player substituted - Maxime Médard , France
61'Substitute on - Thomas Ramos , France
61'Player substituted - Javier Ortega Desio , Argentina
61'Substitute on - Tomas Lezana , Argentina
61'20-18 Penalty goal - Benjamin Urdapilleta , Argentina
60'Nicolas Sanchez adds the three points.
59'They receive a ruck penalty right in front.
58'The Pumas make a break down the left wing and they are on the attack again.
57'Play going from end to end now.
57'Substitute on - Benjamin Urdapilleta , Argentina
57'Player substituted - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
55'Argentina clear from inside their half following the restart and France are on the attack.
55'Player substituted - Arthur Iturria , France
55'Substitute on - Bernard Le Roux , France
54'Nicolas Sanchez misses the conversion from out wide.
54'20-15 Try - Julian Montoya , Argentina
53'The driving maul bringing the Pumas right back into this game.
53'And Argentina push over for a try!
52'Advantage being played and a penalty to Argentina.
52'Substitute on - Santiago Medrano , Argentina
52'Player substituted - Juan Figallo , Argentina
51'And the Pumas are on the attack again.
51'Substitute on - Julian Montoya , Argentina
51'Player substituted - Agustin Creevy , Argentina
49'A lineout penalty to Argentina.
49'France scrum and a great clearing kick by Antoine Dupont.
49'Working their rucks near the France line and pulled up for a forward pass.
48'Pumas on the attack again.
47'Substitute on - Camille Chat , France
47'Player substituted - Guilhem Guirado , France
47'Player substituted - Rabah Slimani , France
47'Substitute on - Demba Bamba , France
46'Penalty to Argentina. Can they continue this fightback after the shock early try?
46'Player substituted - Ramiro Moyano , Argentina
46'Substitute on - Santiago Carreras , Argentina
45'Argentina have possession now, well inside their own territory and have dropped the ball - scrum to France.
43'France controlling the ball early after the break.
43'20-10 Conversion - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
42'20-8 Try - Guido Petti Pagadizaval , Argentina
41'20-3 End of first half
41'20-3 Penalty goal - Romain Ntamack , France
40'Romain Ntamack adds the three points and France go to the break comfortable leaders.
40'The TMO has picked up a high tackle by Antoine Dupont and has awarded a penalty to France.
40'20-3 Start of second half
39'Damian Penaud drops the ball with the Argentine line wide open.
38'France work the ball out of their half and receive a ruck penalty.
37'Well there's a surprise - a scrum penalty to France, relieving a lot of pressure.
36'Scrum collapses and we'll pack another.
34'Another scrum is packed in the shadows of the French goal posts and again the referee is not happy.
34'The Pumas pack a scrum, desperate to score a try before the break.
33'Argentina have the ball again and are on the attack. They receive another penalty for France being offside.
31'Driving a maul now, close to the line and they spill the ball.
31'They work a move from the lineout and receive another penalty. Kick for the corner again and press their attack.
30'17-3 Penalty goal - Romain Ntamack , France
29'Argentina receive a penalty from the restart and they kick to the corner.
29'Romain Ntamack lines up a penalty and adds three more points to the French total.
29'France on the attack again, spreading it left, then right and receiving a penalty.
27'More scrum troubles.
25'Pumas have a scrum ten metres inside their own half.
25'France fans are singing.
24'France on the attack again. This is getting ugly for the Pumas.
23'14-3 Conversion - Romain Ntamack , France
22'12-3 Try - Antoine Dupont , France
19'7-3 Conversion - Romain Ntamack , France
18'5-3 Try - Gael Fickou , France
15'0-3 Penalty goal - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
14'Romain Ntamack converts from the sideline and France skip away to a 14-3 lead.
14'Some brilliant passing on the short side leads to a try to half Antoine Dupont.
14'France have the ball on attack again.
14'The try is converted and France lead 7-3.
14'And after some slick passing Gael Fickou dives over in the corner.
14'France is on the attack now.
14'Great run from Guido Petti Pagadizaval set this attack up.
14'And a ruck penalty is awarded to the Pumas right in front of the posts.
14'France kick it long and Argentina kick it back and regather the ball. A rampaging run has them well on the attack.
13'Pumas prop Juan Figallo is having trouble with a shoulder as Nicolas Sanchez misses his long range shot at goal.
12'The referee is having trouble setting a stable scrum. Both packs keen to get on top early - another penalty to Argentina.
10'France work the ball out of their own half before the Pumas earn a scrum.
9'Pumas scrum near halfway and they kick it away.
8'France have the ball and knock it on again after a couple of phases. This game looks like two boxers jabbing at each other in the early rounds.
7'Pumas working the ball through the middle, some big tackling by France.
6'Box kick from Antoine Dupont inside his own half is gathered by the Pumas and they control the ball inside their own half before Tomas Cubelli puts in a box kick of his own that France knock on.
5'Pumas work the ball into French territory, doing well to maintain possession - and then kick it into touch.
3'Scrum collapses and the Pumas win the first penalty.
3'Gregory Alldritt spills the ball for France and we'll have our first scrum just inside the Pumas' half.
2'The Pumas win their lineout and France intercept on the halfway line.
2'The ball finds touch and we'll have our first lineout.
1'Argentina steady from the kick-off, box kick gives France the ball and they spread it early.
1'And we're underway.
1'Angus Gardner of Australia the referee.
1'France to kick off.
1'Welcome everyone to our coverage of the France vs. Argentina game. The players are taking the field now for the national anthems.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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