15Dane Haylett-Petty, FB
14Adam Ashley-Cooper, W
13James O'Connor, C
12Samu Kerevi, C
11Marika Koroibete, W
10Bernard Foley, FH
9Will Genia, SH
1Scott Sio, P
2Silatolu Latu, H
3Allan Alaalatoa, P
4Izack Rodda, L
5Rory Arnold, L
6David Pocock, FL
7Michael Hooper, FL
8Isi Naisarani, N8
16Jordan Uelese, R
17James Slipper, R
18Sekope Kepu, R
19Adam Coleman, R
20Lukhan Salakaia-Loto, R
21Nic White, R
22Matt Toomua, R
23Kurtley Beale, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Tokyo Stadium
3:45 AM, September 29, 2019

Match Commentary

81'25-29 End of second half
80'They kick it into touch as the siren sounds and Wales have won an epic battle.
80'Australia probing and they drop it. Wales have the ball and start to pick and drive well inside their own half.
78'A clearing kick sees Australia back on the attack, a minute remaining.
78'Wales kick it back and Australia kick it into touch. Some of the stadium lights have gone off. Play continues, with Wales winning their lineout and setting up in front of their own posts.
76'Australia collapse the scrum and it is a free kick to Wales who will ask to pack another scrum. The referee calls over both new hookers, both wearing No.16, to discuss their responsibilities. And it is a penalty to Australia and Toomua fails to find touch. Another error.
75'And it collapses. The clock is winding down as the referee has another chat.
74'Wales have the scrum feed well into Australia's half. The referee is teaching all the replacement forwards how to pack a scrum.
73'Wales seeing more of the ball, they kick it back to Australia and Kerevi loses it. Wales kick it back to Kerevi who passes it to Beale. He scoots across the field before being pinged for a forward pass. More costly mistakes from the Wallabies
72'The referee raises his arm towards Wales and Patchell puts in a cross-field kick which Beale makes a mess of in the corner. The TMO is seeing whether it is a try - seems there was a Wales knock-on. The ball comes back for the penalty and Patchell kicks Wales back out to a four-point lead.
72'25-29 Penalty goal - Rhys Patchell , Wales
70'Player substituted - Gareth Davies , Wales
70'Substitute on - Tomos Williams , Wales
70'Player substituted - Hadleigh Parkes , Wales
70'Substitute on - Owen Watkin , Wales
69'Wales on the attack. Will they set up for another field goal?
69'Another kick-off straight to Hooper and Australia work their way forward, before a box kick from White. Wales have the ball and Australia have been penalised for offside. It seems like an age since Wales had the ball in Australia's half.
68'Player substituted - Isi Naisarani , Australia
68'Substitute on - Lukhan Salakaia-Loto , Australia
68'25-26 Penalty goal - Matt Toomua , Australia
67'The scrum pops and the referee penalises Wales. Behind by four points, Australia will take the kick at goal from right in front. Toomua makes no mistake and we have a one-point game.
66'Substitute on - Elliot Dee , Wales
66'Player substituted - Ken Owens , Wales
66'Substitute on - Jordan Uelese , Australia
66'Player substituted - Silatolu Latu , Australia
65'Australia are enjoying a lot more possession and are making inroads out wide. They have a lineout deep in Wales territory again. Wales knock-on and its a scrum feed to Australia right in the middle of the field, 20 metres out.
64'Both coaches are throwing their reserves on to play out the final quarter of this game. White makes a scoot from the back of the ruck and passes to Haylett-Petty who takes off down the sideline. He kicks ahead and the play falls apart with a knock-on and a scrum feed to Wales.
63'Substitute on - James Slipper , Australia
63'Player substituted - Scott Sio , Australia
63'Player substituted - Jake Ball , Wales
63'Substitute on - Aaron Shingler , Wales
63'Player substituted - Rory Arnold , Australia
63'Substitute on - Adam Coleman , Australia
63'Substitute on - Sekope Kepu , Australia
63'Player substituted - Allan Alaalatoa , Australia
63'Player substituted - Tomas Francis , Wales
63'Substitute on - Dillon Lewis , Wales
63'22-26 Conversion - Matt Toomua , Australia
62'Toomua converts and Australia are right back in this game.
62'The ball is right underneath the posts and the referee's arm goes up again, as Hooper picks it up and dives over for a vital try.
62'20-26 Try - Michael Hooper , Australia
61'Australia charging at the line again and again.
59'Australia on the attack again, Wales holding firm. There is a ruck virtually on the try line and Wales give away another penalty. Toomua kicks it backwards for another lineout.
57'Wallabies driving maul is stopped five metres out, the referee plays advantage as a Toomua cross-field kick goes too far.
56'O'Connor makes a half break, followed by another from Toomua. Australia are on the attack, working it from side to side before Davies is penalised. They won't be taking the three, kicking it towards the Wales line, piling the pressure on.
54'Way too many errors from the Wallabies tonight. Hooper fires up and buries Davies into touch and Australia have the ball again after the lineout
54'Wales are putting up a red wall of defence and Australia have knocked on in the ruck.
53'An exhausted Genia leaves the field, on comes White.
53'Substitute on - Nic White , Australia
53'Player substituted - Will Genia , Australia
52'Australia probe the Wales defence, with phase after phase. Just as they were looking good, Kerevi spills the ball and Wales clear.
50'TMO is at it again, reviewing a high tackle by Wales winger Josh Adams. Penalty to Australia and they will kick it deep into Wales territory.
50'There is more fluency to the Australian attack and as they work their way across halfway, Genia is picked off again by Davies. He drops the ball this time, but once again it was a poor pass. Nic White is on the headphones listening to Cheika and he'll be on soon.
49'Substitute on - Ross Moriarty , Wales
49'Player substituted - Aaron Wainwright , Wales
49'Player substituted - Wyn Jones , Wales
49'Substitute on - Nicky Smith , Wales
48'Australia looking hungrier now. And here comes the fresh legs for Wales, two clean jerseys in the forwards.
48'Substitute on - Kurtley Beale , Australia
48'Player substituted - Adam Ashley-Cooper , Australia
48'15-26 Conversion - Matt Toomua , Australia
47'Kurtley Beale comes on for Adam Ashley-Cooper. Toomua has had an instant impact on this game and he converts the try to take Australia within 11 points.
46'Toomua makes a break and passes to Koroibete, the ball back to Toomua - Australia hammering the Wales line here - and Haylett-Petty dives over for a try.
46'13-26 Try - Dane Haylett-Petty , Australia
45'Player substituted - Bernard Foley , Australia
45'Substitute on - Matt Toomua , Australia
44'And Foley is off, four minutes into the second half. Let's see if Matt Toomua can lift things for the Wallabies.
44'Wales rucking the ball forward, setting themselves for another field goal attempt. And Rhys Patchell adds another three points to the total.
44'8-26 Drop goal - Rhys Patchell , Wales
43'Wales make a break down the right wing and are back on the attack again.
43'It won't be long before Michael Cheika makes a change to the halves.
43'Wales controlling the ball in their own half before a clearing kick to Haylett-Petty who immediately puts it through hands to the other side of the field. Looks like Australia are going to look for more breaks out wide. And Foley spills the ball cold.
41'Australia to get the second half underway.
41'8-23 End of first half
40'That was a long half, with the TMO taking up plenty of time. Hard to understand the need to spend so much time looking at that Samu Kerevi fend. Suggestions that Davies was offside when he snatched that intercept, but TMO seemed to be happy enough to allow it, without review.
40'Wales control the ball and half Gareth Davies kicks it into the crowd. And that's halftime.
40'8-23 Start of second half
39'Patchell converts and Wales skip away before the break.
39'8-23 Conversion - Rhys Patchell , Wales
38'From the kick off another terrible Genia pass is picked off by Gareth Davies and he races away to score a try for Wales.
38'8-21 Try - Gareth Davies , Wales
37'8-16 Penalty goal - Rhys Patchell , Wales
36'Wales to take the shot at goal, with Rhys Patchell, who is now on permanently for Biggar, hitting the post before notching another three points.
35'This happened minutes ago and the game has been stopped dead in its tracks. Now the referee will speak to Hooper and award a penalty to Wales. This is more painful than the raised forearm. Hooper is arguing that it was a terrible tackle and not Kerevi's fault at all.
35'The referee is giving the packs a scrum lesson, while the TMO is looking at a tackle by Rhys Patchell on Samu Kerevi where Kerevi's left forearm was raised.
35'Koroibete takes off for the Wales line, but the play is called back because O'Connor spilled it forward.
35'Genia is caught in a ruck and Foley picks the ball out and throws another poor pass. The Wallabies are looking very sloppy at times.
34'From the kick off the teams exchange kicks before Liam Williams claims the mark. Australia win their lineout before another bad pass finds the turf.
33'8-13 Penalty goal - Rhys Patchell , Wales
31'Biggar's replacement Rhys Patchell slots it through.
31'Hooper is penalised for hands in the ruck after 11 phases. And Wales will shoot for three points.
31'Wales controlling the ball inside Australia's half yet again. The Wallabies defence is holding solid as the Wales forwards look for a way through.
29'Another long kickoff goes to Hooper and a bad pass hits the turf before James O'Connor cleans up and Genia kicks it clear.
29'Foley lines up the shot at goal, takes forever and an ugly looking kick curves over to take Australia within two points.
29'8-10 Penalty goal - Bernard Foley , Australia
28'Penalty to Australia as Dan Biggar leaves the field for a head knock after throwing himself in front of the runaway Kerevi.
28'Player substituted - Dan Biggar , Wales
28'Substitute on - Rhys Patchell , Wales
27'Wales are dominating possession and territory, as Australia wins another lineout against the throw. And on the counter attack Australia goes close to breaking through with Samu Kerevi making a break down the touchline.
25'Some sloppy play midfield sees Wales toe the ball through and Marika Koroibete gathers and takes off before putting in a good clearing kick. But Wales are back on the attack.
25'An ordinary clearing kick by Foley sees Wales back on the attack.
23'Australian clearing kick is returned by Biggar. And a scrum is awarded to Wales, but then overturned after the video referee spotted a knock-on by Wales.
22'And Foley misses a relatively easy conversion.
22'A rare trip down the attacking end of the field sees Bernard Foley put in a clever cross field kick to Adam Ashley-Cooper, who takes it on the full, steps, stumbles through a tackle, regathers his feet and dives over for Australia's first points.
21'5-10 Try - Adam Ashley-Cooper , Australia
19'A big push in the scrum sees an ugly ball for the Wales half and Australia are awarded a penalty from the ensuing ruck.
19'A break in play as they wait to pack the scrum. Wales will be on the attack again here.
18'Australia steals the lineout ball and they work their way towards halfway. Wales hold the ball up and in and the referee awards the scrum feed to Wales.
17'And Michael Hooper has been penalised for the late tackle. No card needed. Wales will kick for touch from back on halfway.
17'Drop goal-missed
16'Wales are doing a great job of controlling the ball and Biggar takes another shot at field goal, which misses to the left. The referee is now reviewing an earlier tackle on Biggar.
16'A kicking duel ends in a run by Marika Koroibete. The ball is kicked back to Wales and they are on the attack again.
15'Australia have the ball just over halfway, working their way forward through one-out forward runs. They look dangerous again when spreading it wide. But once again it ends in an error with a knock on.
14'0-10 Conversion - Dan Biggar , Wales
13'Biggar converts from the sideline and Wales are well on top in this game.
13'Dan Biggar puts in a clever kick to the corner and Wales centre Hadleigh Parkes out jumps Marika Koroibete to score in the corner.
13'0-8 Try - Hadleigh Parkes , Wales
12'Wales on the attack again, picking and driving their way across the field, not making much headway.
11'They find touch deep inside Australia territory.
10'Taking some time to pack this one, as the crowd starts singing Waltzing Matilda. Penalty to Wales.
9'A forward pass by Wales just on halfway see another scrum feed to Australia.
9'First scrum of the game was a clean win to Australia and Genia clears again.
8'Some David Pocock brilliance at the breakdown see a scrum to Australia, 12 metres out from their own line.
7'Wales intercept and they are back on attack. Another error by the Wallabies. Wales close to scoring here, Wallabies defence is scrambling.
6'Safe lineout ball to Wales and they roll forward before a clearing kick to Dane Haylett-Petty. Australia working their way out of their half until Samu Kerevi makes a half break.
5'Will Genia clears and finds touch.
3'Australia trying to regroup here after an ordinary start to the game.
3'Wales awarded a penalty for a ruck infringement and Dan Biggar lines up a kick for goal from out wide. He hooks it.
3'Wales clear the ball from their own half and Australia bring it back, before Dane Haylett-Petty makes a half break and spills the ball. Now Wales are on the attack again.
1'Early turnover and Wales are on the attack. Dan Biggar slots a field goal to open the scoring. Wallabies won't be happy with that early error.
1'Wales kick it long to Michael Hooper and we are underway.
1'There is an incredible atmosphere. Everyone fully aware of the importance of this game.
1'Wales to kick off.
1'Advance Australia Fair now being belted out by players and a large proportion of the crowd. Hairs standing on the back the neck stuff.
1'A passionate rendition of Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau by Wales.
1'Lining up now for the anthems.
1'The drums are pounding and the crowd roars.
1'Tokyo Stadium is filling up nicely, weather is perfect and the teams are making their way onto the field.
1'Welcome to our live coverage of the key Group D clash between Wales and Australia.
1'0-3 Drop goal - Dan Biggar , Wales
1'0-0 Start of first half

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