15Elliot Daly, FB
14Anthony Watson, W
13Henry Slade, C
12Manu Tuilagi, C
11Jonny May, W
10Owen Farrell, FH
9Ben Youngs, SH
1Mako Vunipola, P
2Jamie George, H
3Kyle Sinckler, P
4Maro Itoje, L
5Courtney Lawes, L
6Tom Curry, FL
7Sam Underhill, FL
8Billy Vunipola, N8
16Luke Cowan-Dickie, R
17Joe Marler, R
18Dan Cole, R
19George Kruis, R
20Lewis Ludlam, R
21Willi Heinz, R
22George Ford, R
23Jonathan Joseph, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Oita Stadium
3:15 AM, October 19, 2019

Match Commentary

81'The double from Jonny May within two minutes really was where the game was taken out of the Wallabies hands. They hit back right after the break, but England knew exactly what to do to get back ahead and build their momentum and lead. That's all from us here tonight, but make sure to stick around for our live blogging of the All Blacks vs. Ireland in the next hour.
81'England the deserved winner tonight. They had the smarter game plan and they played it to perfection. Eddie Jones makes it 7-0 since 2015 and England score the most points they've ever scored at a Rugby World Cup playoff. The Wallabies were completely outplayed in the end and had no answer for England.
81'+140-16 End of second half
80'It's one final crack for the Wallabies and it's all over after they clean drop the ball.
78'And Garcais calls it a forward pass. No try to the Wallabies! It was an amazing run for Koroibete but it all goes to nothing.
77'TRY! Koroibete goes from one side of the field to the other as he charges from the halfway to the try line. But first they're going to go upstairs to have a look at the pass to the edge to Tupou.
77'40-16 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
76'Beale trying to create something, but it was a bridge to far sending that wide ball and it's a complete blow out.
76'38-16 Try - Anthony Watson , England
75'TRY! Watson collects the floating pass from Beale to Hooper in their own 22 and that's the salt in the wounds.
74'It's now or never for the Wallabies here to get something out of this match.
74'Player substituted - Manu Tuilagi , England
74'Substitute on - Jonathan Joseph , England
74'Player substituted - Jordan Petaia , Australia
74'Substitute on - James O'Connor , Australia
73'Player substituted - Ben Youngs , England
73'Substitute on - Willi Heinz , England
73'33-16 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
72'Farrell adds the extras, and it's surely all over for the Wallabies here.
70'And it's a penalty at the scrum against the Wallabies for boaring in. England just in complete control now, while the Wallabies are just trying anything.
69'That's a shocker from Jordan Uelese at the lineout. It's a knock on at the back of the lineout and England are cheering as they get the put in at the scrum again.
69'Substitute on - Luke Cowan-Dickie , England
69'Player substituted - Jamie George , England
69'Player substituted - Sam Underhill , England
69'Substitute on - Lewis Ludlam , England
69'Player substituted - Scott Sio , Australia
69'Substitute on - James Slipper , Australia
69'Substitute on - Joe Marler , England
69'Player substituted - Mako Vunipola , England
69'Player substituted - Isi Naisarani , Australia
69'Substitute on - Lukhan Salakaia-Loto , Australia
68'Wallabies struggle to find any ground through the middle and look stuck on the halfway line before Kerevi decides to put it up for Hodge. Kerevi no the best kicker on the park, but he'll be happy with the result with Jonny May touching it before it goes into touch.
67'England collect the restart and they just rumble it through the middle for a few phases before they kick it downfield. Hodge collects it high in the air and the Wallabies look to keep it in hand and go down field.
66'Substitute on - Adam Coleman , Australia
66'Player substituted - Rory Arnold , Australia
66'Player substituted - Silatolu Latu , Australia
66'Substitute on - Jordan Uelese , Australia
66'30-16 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
65'Farrell converts and he pushes it to two converted tries ahead of the Wallabies. 30-16
64'Player substituted - Courtney Lawes , England
64'Substitute on - George Kruis , England
64'Substitute on - Dan Cole , England
64'Player substituted - Kyle Sinckler , England
63'England rumbling to the line and Youngs looks to dot it down in the corner, but he's dropped it! England with the advantage though, and they're going to send it to touch again.
63'A bit sloppy from the Wallabies, they're definitely feeling the scoreboard pressure. Beale unable to put the ball into touch, before Tolu Latu throws the long ball that's picked off by Youngs. Youngs chips it ahead, Beale cleans up and sends it into touch, but they're just 8m out.
61'Player substituted - Allan Alaalatoa , Australia
61'Substitute on - Taniela Tupou , Australia
61'Substitute on - Nic White , Australia
61'Player substituted - Will Genia , Australia
61'Substitute on - George Ford , England
61'Player substituted - Henry Slade , England
60'Huge ask for the Wallabies here, you'd think. That's got to be a confidence killer for the Aussies. Just metres from the line and now they're all the way back at the halfway. England rightly patting themselves on the back after that defensive effort.
59'Naisarni takes it from the back of the scrum and charges to the line but he's taken down just a metre short. They sent it to Kerevi who is also chopped down. The frowards look to rumble it in. Amazing defence by England and the loose carry is costly. England fire it down field and suddenly we're on the half way and England get the feed into the scrum after a knock on.
58'A couple restarts and we're yet to get the ball into the scrum. That's about two or three minutes wasted at the scrum now.
56'Wallabies with the advantage so they send it wide to Petaia but they can't find a way around the defence so they send it back in and try Koroibete. England kill the ball and we're back centre field, seven metres out and the Wallabies choose to have a scrum. Big call here!
55'They go to the line and despite the messy lineout they retain the ball. Hooper makes a great carry to push England's line back and they creep to within five metres.
54'Wallabies win the turnover at the lineout and they make some ground in England's territory. They win the penalty and have the perfect opportunity to hit back.
53'Substitute on - Matt Toomua , Australia
53'Player substituted - Christian Lealiifano , Australia
52'Another Wallabies mistake - Lealiifano doesn't send it 10 at the kickoff but England choose to play on. The Wallabies decide to join the kicking game and it goes back and forth before Beale finally sends it into touch.
51'England's game plan going off without a hitch here, while the Wallabies are clearly struggling with their own.
51'27-16 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
50'No doubts from Farrell here, he slots it easily and the difference is now 27-16.
49'England are right back in the Wallabies half. They win the scrum after holding Alaalatoa up in the tackle and then they demolish the Wallabies at scrum time to get the penalty directly in front.
47'24-16 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
46'TRY! There's the hit back, England make easy work and Kyle Sinckler gets his first ever Test try! Farrell sends the perfect ball flat across his runners to Sinckler who has a massive hole in front of him and he charges in for the score. Farrell kicks it quickly and it's back out 24-16.
46'22-16 Try - Kyle Sinckler , England
44'Farrell restarts quickly and a poor clearing kick from Genia sees England with the ball back in the Wallabies' halff.
44'17-16 Conversion - Christian Lealiifano , Australia
43'Lealiifano slots it and just like that the scores are 17-16.
43'17-14 Try - Marika Koroibete , Australia
42'TRY! Marika Koroibete gets Australia right back in it! The Wallabies get a little bit of quick ball and Reece Hodge sends an absolute peach to Petaia who sends it back in to Koroibete who just puts the gas on and makes easy work of England's defence.
41'And we're back underway with Farrell sending it deep into the Wallabies 22 with Lealiifano kicking an up and under to Hodge on the sideline. Not a great plan, Hodge pushed straight into touch and England are in the Wallabies half.
41'I hope you're all comfortable because we're just moments away from the second half. England look like they should win this comfortably, but the Wallabies have a chance to turn things around in the first minutes back to get themselves back in this game.
41'England in complete control of this match. Wallabies have had plenty of opportunity but it's been sloppy while England are happy to disrupt the ball within their own 22m if it means the Wallabies go for the three. England's defence has been magnificent, but Petaia and Kerevi are finding the gaps, they just need the runners to follow them for the offload. England with the ball are looking great and are unlucky sloppy hands from Slade saw them lose what should have been a third try.
41'Farrell goes long and the Wallabies send it straight into the crowd.
41'17-9 Penalty goal - Christian Lealiifano , Australia
41'+117-9 End of first half
40'Lealiifano kicks it straight down the middle and England must restart.
40'17-9 Start of second half
39'Penalty to the Wallabies. Garcais losing patience at the scrum, penalising Kyle Sinkler. But there's only really one option for the Wallabies, and they go for the points knowing there will be a restart.
38'Second restart at the scrum. The turf is getting completely torn up here and ref has a chat to the front row. Both sides pre-engaging, and he wants it cleaned up.
35'The Wallabies get their lineout and boom Samu Kerevi makes a huge break, palming off Tuilangi but he can't find the offload. They keep the ball in play before a few stray England hands knock it on at the next breakdown.
34'Turnover to the Wallabies. Hooper gets over the top and wins the penalty. Hodge boots it downfield and the Wallabies are now 30ms from England's line.
34'England win their scrum and Farrell punts it down into the Wallabies 22m. Koroibete cleans it up and buys some time before Beale eventually kicks it into touch and England get the lineout 30m into Wallabies territory.
32'It's a huge hit on Reece Hodge and England get the turnover! England completely on top.
32'The Wallabies go long to Hooper at the lineout and despite looking secure with the ball, it's a turnover and England now look threatening.
30'Hodge sends it long with plenty of hangtime and England have it in their 22 before Farrell sends it safely into touch.
30'17-6 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
29'Just like that the Wallabies are pinged directly in front of their posts and it's a gift three points for England. Farrell slots it easily and England do up 17-6.
27'Both sides playing at a frantic pace so far with hands on hips already.
27'England send it deep in the restart and Beale puts up a chip kick over the defencive line and the Wallabies look like they're in plenty of trouble. Slade drops it cold in attack though and the Wallabies look like they'll make them pay with a nice run from Mairka Koroibete, but Rodda drops it and it's and England scrum just inside the Wallabies half.
26'14-6 Penalty goal - Christian Lealiifano , Australia
25'The Wallabies looked good with the ball in hand, Izack Rodda punches through the gap but Slade slows down the play offside and the Wallabies get the penalty. Hooper chooses to go for the sticks to get some points on the board. Lealiifano slots it and it's 14-6.
23'Penalty! Michael Hooper gets the opportunity and wins the ball in the breakdown and suddenly the Wallabies are inside England's 22.
23'Huge momentum shift for the English after that try. Wallabies are back in possession, but are finding it hard to get through the gaps.
23'14-3 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
22'Farrell slots the conversion and it's 14-3 after 22min. Wallabies need to hit back quickly before it blows out.
21'12-3 Try - Jonny May , England
20'TRY! What just happened!! The Wallabies had the ball in hand and looked like they were finding metres, but Henry Slade picks up a loose ball from David Pocock and charges down field. He knows he doesn't have the pace so puts it on the boot and May collects it and runs into the corner! Unbelievable!
19'7-3 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
18'Farrell converts from the sideline and England take a four point lead. Good hit back from England.
18'5-3 Try - Jonny May , England
17'TRY! England get the overlap and they've immediately hit back. They secure their lineout and send it straight across to Watson before Farrell screams for the ball on the left and after two more phases it's just numbers with Johnny May dotting down in the corner.
16'Huge defence from the Wallabies. Three big tackles that had to be made and Pocock makes the turnover at the ruck.
15'England get the ball out cleanly and they spread straight out to Watson on the wing before he's brought down. England are five out and the ball spits out the back of the ruck and the Wallabies get the turnover! Genia gets it out of the 22m with the kick.
14'Wallabies looked to dominate the scrum, but the referee thinks both teams lifted then. England get the feed again.
13'Farrell restarts and sends it deep into the Wallabies 22m. The Wallabies are going to do or die with their running game and a knock on within their 22m could prove costly for them here.
12'And he slots it! Australia take a handy three point lead and it's exactly what they need if they're going to shock England tonight.
12'0-3 Penalty goal - Christian Lealiifano , Australia
11'It's a loose pass and Lealiifano picks up the scraps, he sends it to Genia who gives it to Beale and off he goes! Beale takes off through the middle and makes about 20 or so metres before he's eventually taken down. No one in support for Beale to give the hand off, but the Wallabies are able to hold onto it and they get the penalty for a high tackle. It's all going on here.
9'England win the lineout and again kick it deep for the Wallabies to start running the ball again, but it's a floating pass and it goes straight into touch from Genia. England making plenty of ground from their kicking game and are creeping towards the 22m.
7'After a few phases the Wallabies weren't able to find any holes or make any metres so Genia kicks it over the top and England gets the lineout just inside their half.
6'England send it straight into touch and the Wallabies throw it in inside their own half where they look to run it.
6'We've got another reset at the scrum and we've eaten about two minutes at scrum time already. And the table turns again, England win the short arm and we're yet to have a completed scrum.
3'First scrum of the game and it could give us a good indication of what we should expect for the rest of the night. They reset and the Wallabies win the free kick as England shove early. Huge confidence builder for the Wallabies.
3'England holding strong in defence inside their own 22m, and after 18 phases it's the Wallabies who make a mistake with Lealiifano knocking the ball on in the tackle. England bench on their feet.
2'Wallabies keep the ball in hand and Petaia makes a promising start with a nice little break down the side but can't get passed the last defender. Wallabies keep it hand and they look to find any gaps in the line.
1'We're off Lealiifano kicks off and sends it deep into England's 22 and Eliot Daly is taken down metres from the 22. Youngs eventually kicks it and Petaia takes it high in the air. No signs of nerves from the young 19-year-old.
1'Spine tingling anthems with the crowd absolutely belting out their respected anthems. And the countdown is finally over! The Wallabies will kick off and get us underway.
1'It's finally time. The teams are running out onto the pitch to the sound of Japanese drums. The crowd is going off with just minutes to kick off. First we have a moment of silence for the lives lost during Typhoon Hagibis and then we have the anthems.
1'And here's the toss for tonight's match.
1'In case you need to scrub on the anthems before kick off, World Rugby has you covered.
1'It's turned into a beautiful day in Oita, but that won't matter with the roof closed at the stadium. The Wallabies are out on pitch getting through their warm ups.
1'Here are today's line ups. There were plenty of surprises from Cheika who decided to keep the 'Pooper' combo, and give rookie Jordan Petaia his first start in the centres in just his thrid game in the gold jeresey. Eddie Jones has also made a few changes with George Ford dropped to the bench Farrell moved to flyhalf and Manu Tuilagi slotting in at 12.
1'Hello and welcome to our live commentary of tonight's Rugby World Cup quarterfinals, kicking off with Australia vs. England. There's plenty of history between these two sides with the Wallabies knocking England out of their own world cup in 2015, while England bundled Australia out in the quarters in 2007. Let's not forget the Wallabies 1991 World Cup victory over England, or England's overtime win in 2003. Let's hope tonight produces another epic for both teams and fans to remember for some time to come. Make sure to send us your thoughts or photos to our twitter @espnscrum.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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